Holocaust Memorial Visit

Holocaust, is a topic that we treat very personally. Our society is affected by it and we want to talk students through it and explain it. We believe this topic should not be detached from the discussion on its social aspects. It should be inducted by the description of the communities in Poland before the WWII.

Yes, we do have a mission. Our company specializes in educational tourism and we work with ca. 2500 students from Polish schools each year. Therefore, we took National Curriculum KS 3 and 4, and we have planned our programs on those principles.

Only by revealing that Jewish community in Poland before the WWII was a vibrant, creative and settled (as of middle XIV c.) population, we can show that Holocaust was an experience of real people. It is often discussed in big numbers that are making impression that it was some depersonalized tragedy. We wish students to see the story of Holocaust as a personal experience - it helps understanding that it must not happen at any time in the future, however we are living in the world full of nationalistic ideas that allow to differentiate between people.


How do we work

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